Laparoscopic Anterior Resection of the Rectum

Primary port put in by open Hasson technique using blunt Hasson port
Secondary ports under direct visualisation
A 12mm port was placed in the umbilicus and three 5mm ports were placed in the left lower quadrant, right lower quadrant, and left mid-clavicular line.


The abdominal cavity was insufflated to 12mmHg with CO2.
The colon was mobilized and the rectum was identified.
The mesorectum was divided with the ultrasonic scalpel and the rectum was transected with a linear stapler.
The specimen was removed and the remaining rectal stump was oversewn with a linear stapler.
A diverting colostomy was created in the transverse colon. The ports were removed under direct vision.

No.1 PDS box stitch to fascia for Umbilical & Epigastric port
3.0 monocryl subcuticular sutures
Interrupted sutures to skin