Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy

Ports: One 10mm blunt Hasson port introduced using open Hasson technique.
Three 5mm ports introduced under direct visualisation, of which two in RUQ and one in RIF.


Left lateral position: Lateral to medial mobilisation of right colon with identification and preservation of the ureter and duodenum.
Supine position: Right colic and right branch of middle colic artery divided between clips/ligasure.
Mesentry to the small bowel divided with ligasure.
Midline incision.
Stapling of the distal ileum and the transverse colon ends. Right hemicolectomy specimen sent for histology.
Ileo-colic side to side anastomosis done using linear stapler.
Closure of the enterotomy site with continuous 3.0 PDS suture.
Haemostasis ensured.
Pneumoperitoneum recreated and Mesentery checked to ensure no twists.
Omentum placed over anastomosis.
Suction irrigation carried out.
Hemostasis ensured.
Ports removed under direct vision.

No.1 PDS box stitch to fascia for primary port site.
3.0 Monocryl subcuticular sutures.
Dressings applied.