Nissen Fundoplication

Primary port put in by open Hasson technique using blunt Hasson port.
Secondary ports put in with direct visualisation.
Five ports were used: one 12mm port in the umbilicus, and four 5mm ports in the left upper quadrant, right upper quadrant, left mid-clavicular line and right mid-clavicular line.


The stomach was mobilized and the esophagus was identified.
The fundus of the stomach was dissected and wrapped 360 degrees around the esophagus and fixed with non-absorbable suture.
The crural diaphragm was reinforced to complete the fundoplication.
Haemostasis was ensured.

No.1 PDS box stitch to fascia for primary port site.
3.0 monocryl subcuticular sutures.
Interrupted sutures to skin.
Dressings applied.